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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Visualizing an Investment Watchlist
I worked with Morningstar designer Pegah Ahmadi on this visualization of an investment list for the new issue of Morningstar StockInvestor. The idea was to complement the newsletter's standard data tables and allow readers to more easily spot the most undervalued names in each sector. It also permits comparisons of the sectors with each other.

visualization of an investment watchlist, arranged by valuation

The stocks for each watchlist are presented in rows and plotted according to their price/fair value estimate ratios, with the size of each bubble reflecting each stock's economic moat rating. An interactive version, which would allow you to hover over each bubble and view additional information about the stock, would be an ideal extension of the concept. But based on positive subscriber feedback, it seems useful on paper as well.

Throughout my career at Morningstar, the Chicago-based investment research firm, I've used creative language and visual elements to explain complex investment information and ideas. This is a personal site--all opinions expressed here are my own.

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