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Monday, June 30, 2014

Style Boxing
I have a short piece in the June/July issue of Morningstar Magazine. It's a re-imagining of the iconic Morningstar Style Box, based on the idea of varying the size of each segment of the box according to market capitalization or number of stocks:

shape shifting style boxes

You can read the Nxtbook version of the full article (and the rest of an excellent magazine) here. Or use this link to download a PDF version of the magazine.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Edward Tufte...100 Years Ago
In 1914's "Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts," Willard Cope Brinton sounds a LOT like Tufte ("This type of chart should be banished to the scrap heap.") as he dissects different chart types and criticizes poor visualization practices such as increasing area when only one dimension should change:

example from Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts
You can see the whole thing at Google Books -- there are a ton of visualizations, many that look very contemporary, all from 1914 or earlier.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Beautiful Game
I'm not a big soccer fan, so I can't say whether these mappings of player movements by Susken Rosenthal are a useful way to analyze a match. But the results are truly beautiful. (Thanks to my Morningstar colleague Pouya Ahmadi for the tip!)

football drawings by Susken Rosenthal

Mike Deal's soccer charting system is also worth a look -- I find it preferable to the graphics the WSJ has been running during the World Cup.

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